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The other day, while I was photographing a girl who is a personal trainer, she told me that her idol is Larissa Reis. It is not the first time to hear that a girl who is fond of gym trainings likes Larissa’s work and that she follows her on social media. Many girls have told me that they look up to Larissa Reis. I had a great pleasure to meet her at the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, when I also had a photo with her and Victoria Lomba, who is also a great fitness model, nutritionist and personal trainer. Both these fitness beauties left a great impression on me. You can find out more about Victoria here and in this text we will get you to know Larissa Reis.

Larissa Reis and Victoria Lomba

From Brasilia to Nevada

Ms. Larissa Reis was born on May 21 1979. Since the earliest age she has been showing a lot of interest in sports. Living in Brasilia, she had a relaxed childhood. Being an only child, she was supported by her parents no matter what she would decide to take up. So, she tried a great number of sports during the childhood and she really turned out to be a versatile and omnipotent talent for sports. From soccer (no way; in Brazil?), surfing, skating and martial arts (a holder of a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu). Growing up under the warm Brazilian sun which sparked the beauty encoded in her Brazilian and Dutch genes, Larissa became a gorgeous woman and she did not have to wait for too long to be spotted by fitness and modeling professionals. In 2003, she was 24 and was doing modeling as a part-time job to support herself. The staff of the Brazilian edition of Playboy noticed her outstanding appearance and called her to pose as a Playboy model. She got an offer she could not refuse and that was the first commercial success of hers. However, she was already working out for a while but after this initial success with Playboy, her fitness career took off and she started participating in fitness competitions. Since then she has taken part in many competitions on different levels, from local Brazilian championships (the champion of Brazil in 2006) to various competitions all over the world. Her growing appetites for success and a more attractive life in the USA contributed to her decision to move to the US in 2007. Now she resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Both brains and looks

Larissa Reis is an outstanding fitness model and trainer. She is a very successful competitor. The looks of Larissa Reis are a special juxtaposition in which the gorgeousness of a samba-shaped Brazilian booty meets the perfection of a magic South American temperament.
But the lucky thing is that Larissa is not only a pretty face and a great fitness model. She is also an educated person. In many interviews she has emphasized how important it is for young people to get proper education, especially in a country like Brazil, in which social voids are terrible and many children still have poor education. When Larissa accepted to become a Playboy playmate, she had already finished her degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. And that is not all; she speaks Portuguese, which is her native language, but also Spanish and English. Larissa thinks that everybody, and especially fitness models, should always be hungry for knowledge. Being a fitness model means that you should always get informed on new trends and discoveries in terms of nutrition and exercise novelties. Larissa Reis is both a mind and a face, which is not such a common case.

Professional and business success

As we have already mentioned, her initial success was the call from Brazilian Playboy. Showing up in the most appreciated men’s magazine in the world enabled her to rise to prominence in the fitness world. So, already in 2005 she won the South American Championships, which was her first professional success. After that, everything unfolded like a dream-come-true story. After winning the Brazilian Championships in 2006, she worked even harder, to prepare for the 2007 World Championships in Barcelona. Unfortunately, she did not win that competition, but finished second. That success earned her an IFBB Pro Card. And that was not all. Again, thanks to her perfect figure and incredible physical attractiveness, she got great business offers form the USA. Having moved the US the same year, she continued participating in most demanding body building competitions in the world. Since 2007, she has taken part in numerous professional body building and fitness competitions throughout the US and the biggest success was winning the first place in the Atlantic City Pro event in 2009.

As a great promoter of fitness lifestyle and spiritual values, Larissa Reis has found a great way to match her fitness career with her original profession by opening a Las Vegas-based Protein House restaurant. She is probably thinking one step ahead and she knows that her career of a fitness model cannot last forever. However, being a fitness trainer is something else and in combination with the restaurant, Larissa is really succeeding in making her name a brand.

In addition to all these professional and business achievements, Larissa Reis is the face of several supplement-producing companies, the most important one being Nutrex Research.
With the growing number of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Larissa should not worry about her future. This captivating fitness model manages to do anything she starts in a perfect way and us, her fans, will be enjoying her looks and charm for many years.

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