Zsuzsanna Toldi

Zsuzsanna Toldi – Hungarian Pro No. 1

Zsuzsanna’s professional record

Zsuzsanna Toldi is one of the most beautiful and most attractive Pro stars in the world. I had a chance to meet this 31-year-old Hungarian Pro card holder at the 2011 FIBO event in Essen, Germany. She was promoting the event booth of her sponsor, the famous Scitec Nutrition Company. Even back then I realized how talented she was and how great potential was hiding behind that charming smile. Our next encounter happened the year after. I saw her at the Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bodyfitness World Amateur Championships in Bialystok, Poland. On that occasion I photographed her and her boyfriend, János Csuhai, who is also a gym fan. I used that cool picture of these two great-looking gym enthusiasts to make this wallpaper.

Zuzsanna Toldi and Janos Csuhai

Although on the competition in Poland (October 2012.) she finished 5th 2012., only a week later at the Arnold Classic Europe event in Madrid, she reached the peak of her physical and mental power and won the gold medal in her category. It was a great success for this exquisite Pro competitor, because she managed to pull herself together after an average performance in Poland and she simply exploded at a much more appreciated event. She repeated this phenomenal success in 2013, when she again won the first place in her category at the 2013 Arnold Classic in Madrid.

October 6th, 2012, Bialystok, Poland

October 7th, 2012, Bialystok, Poland

BB Arnold Classic Europe Madrid 2012

BB Arnold Classic Europe Madrid 2013

After she received a Pro card, Zsuzsanna continued taking part in Pro competitions and this year she achieved another great goal that every Pro contestant dreams about – she qualified for the Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she competed with the crème de la crème of world Pro competition. I think that her prime years are yet to come and I honestly wish her to win a gold medal at the Mr.Olympia competition.

Before she earned her Pro card and membership, she had also participated in a lot of side-projects, mostly dealing with bikini modeling. She has won the title of the bikini modeling world champion twice and she has also been the best bikini model of Hungary for incredible fifteen times. Also, she won the Body Power Pro competition this year. The winner announcement ceremony from that competition can be seen here.

Out-of-gym life

Ms. Toldi was born in 1982 in the town of Devecser, in the eastern part of Hungary. Since she was a child, it was obvious that her temperament and drive for physical activity would take her away from her little town. She started competing in bikini modeling in 2002. Later, as she had more and more success in modeling, she decided to move to Budapest and maximize her chances for even better results. In her interview for the HD Body portal she shared some of her exercise and nutrition strategies. Also, she mentioned that the person she admires most in the world of Pro competition is Larissa Reis.

When she is not in the gym, working out, which she does every day for at least for 6-8 hours, Zsuzsanna likes spending time with her boyfriend. Also, she is a huge dog lover and she has several pooches at home. In addition to that, she also helps finding home for stray dogs. She has also found a great way to join together her love for working out and business perspectives, so she also runs her own gym.

Zuzsanna Toldi is one of the most charming stars of Pro category and we are looking forward to each and every future success of this wonderful woman.

Zuzsanna Toldi

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